Deli-Arts reflects our passion to preserve great, endangered, food traditions and share them with others. We are especially focused on restoring the grandeur of traditional regional and ethnic specialties that have crossed over into the mainstream – but somehow lost their soul along the way. These once great treats have become all but unrecognizable through assimilation and commercialization. We’re working hard, through research into traditional materials and methods and through innovation in modern preparation and packaging to bring these once great flavors and textures back to life, and to make them available through your local specialty food store.

Because we are New Yorkers living away from New York, our project begins with the essential touchstones of early 20th Century New York deli - our Manhattan Deli-Arts™ Collection. Simply put, real New York deli specialties are virtually unobtainable outside New York – and increasingly, even in New York, the real thing is hard to come by. Sure, you can buy pastrami, corned beef or hash in most any market or deli today – but they bear little resemblance to the wonderful tastes and textures from the golden age of New York deli.

Somebody had to step up and save these treasures, and that’s our mission at Deli-Arts.